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    Welcome to Nauset Optical

    Dr. Diane Todd and her staff are committed to providing you the highest quality eye care and eye glasses available with emphasis on comprehensive eye examinations, the proper fitting of frames, contact lens, and the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.

    Dr. Todd is dedicated to caring for your eyes by knowing the newest advances in technology, contact lenses and providing fashionable eye glasses.

    Dr. Todd and her staff provide a warm friendly atmosphere to all patients to make the visit most enjoyable.

    Hope to see you soon!

    Our Services

    Comprehensive Eye and Ocular Health Exam

    Routine eye examinations are an important part of maintaining the health and vision of your eyes. During the eye examination, you will

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    Contact Lens Examination and Fitting

    Contact lens evaluations can be preformed at the time of the eye examination. We prescribe all major contact lens brands and ensure the

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    Designer Eye Glasses and Sunglasses

      We offer a wide variety of designer frames and sunglasses including Silhouette, Gucci, Vera Wang, Maui Jim, SLYK SHADES and

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    Meet Dr. Diane Todd


    Dr. Diane Todd

    Doctor Diane P. Todd received her Pre-Med undergraduate degree from Boston College in 1993 and her Doctorate of Optometry from the New England College of Optometry in Boston, MA in 1997. She completed internships at

    Look after your vision at our Optometrist Orleans MA

    Caring for your eyes is one of the most important things you can do. Imagine a world where you couldn't see the faces of your loved ones as they grow, or the flowers and landscape as the seasons change. Even simple tasks around the home or doing your grocery shopping can require assistance if you lose your vision due to complications that could be treated or reversed if spotted early.

    A vision check from an optometrist in Orleans MA can put your eye health first and give you peace of mind to live your life without limits.

    When should you visit an optometrist?

    We recommend you have an eye exam at least every two years, even if you don't require a prescription. Eye health can change quickly, and an eye exam allows our optometrist in Orleans MA to see right to the back of your eye to spot anything that might go unnoticed.

    Noticing changes in your sight? Don’t wait. Book an eye exam today if you have:

    • A change in vision, such as not being able to read closely or see signs or license plates if you drive
    • Difficulty seeing at night
    • Blurring, spots, or an increase in ‘floaters’ or flashes of light affecting your vision
    • Dry, irritated eyes caused by computer use
    • Changes to the appearance of your eyes
    • Any other concerns you have about your eyesight.

    Looking for an optometrist Orleans MA locals can rely on?

    Trust Nauset Optical. From routine eye exams to discovering whether frames or lenses are right for you, choose our team to assist you on your journey to getting the most out of your vision. Contact us today.